Shower Stalls Provide Comfort and Convenience For The Family


When buying a new home, one of the most important things to look for is the number of bathrooms on offer. Are there shower stalls? As the family grows, it is very important to make sure that sufficient facilities are available for everyone. Realtors have a different way of advertizing it, but many American bathrooms contain what is commonly referred to as a full bathtub. This usually means a bathtub, with the traditional wall mounted shower, over the tub. The fashion now, however, is moving more and more towards installing a stand-alone, completely separate, shower stall outside of the tub. The convenience this provides, together with its increased functionality, has made it a popular choice with today’s modern home buyers.

The insecurity of a shower over the tub
One of the reasons many people prefer shower stalls, and dislike a shower over the tub, is that standing in the tub is insecure. The fear of slipping in the tub, that often daunts older users, is solved by the roominess and comfort of a dedicated shower pan, with it spacious, wide and perfectly flat, floor. The range of shapes and sizes of available shower pans is massive, and one can almost always be found to suit your bathroom.

The advantages of separate shower stalls
There are many other major advantages that a shower stall provides. Firstly, with dedicated plumbing, there is no longer any need to have to fiddle with the tub faucet to get the temperature and pressure settings to a comfortable level. The specially designed shower faucets available today, obviate this problem and allow one to adjust levels comfortably to suit individual personal needs. Several strategically placed wall mounted grips provide additional security, and a soap and shampoo rack is a massive move up from having to balance bottles on the edge of the tub! In addition one can buy shower stools or benches that provide even more security for older users.

Economical and wide ranging choices
With the large range of pre-designed shower stalls, with different design wall panels available, the project is not going to break the bank either. The range of interlocking wall panels on sale, allows one to design shape and size to suit virtually any bathroom and budget, and the attractive curved corner units on sale may be a great solution where space is at a premium.

Obviously, plumbing and diy skills are necessary if one wants to attempt the project on one’s own, but a professional plumbing contractor will be able to recommend the most economical way to do the job, and this is always the best way to go.

Preview the great range of shower stalls available
Before calling in your professional plumber, discuss the project with the family and determine where the best location will be for the new shower. Then go in to your local Home Depot or Lowes, and view the big range of shower stalls that they have on display. You will then be in a better position to tell your plumbing contractor exactly which option you prefer. Online browsing is also a great idea, as this allows the whole family to preview the many options on view.

For the more ambitious, there is the choice of more complex units built out of framed glass, but the cost obviously escalates when one departs from the standard fiberglass or plastic units available.

Bear in mind that there is going to have to be electrical work in addition to the plumbing, but your contractor will be able to handle all of that for you. Whatever your choice, call us in for a free quote and  assessment of your needs. We are here to help and advise you.
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