Installing a new faucet for your remodel


Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom means making sure you’ve got all the complementary pieces sorted out. From the biggest fixture to the tiniest detail, you should think about how everything falls into place, as well as the functions that they serve.


One thing you should not neglect is the type of faucet you will be getting. This may somehow seem like a trivial thing to consider, but installing the right kind of faucet for your particular needs is going to impact your remodeling project.


Types of faucets
Just a quick browse through your local hardware store and you’ll see a wide range of faucets that you can choose from. It can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you haven’t already made up your mind about the particular type that you intend to get.


The common types used within a household are ball, disc, cartridge, and compression. The last one is the typical basic washer faucet found in older homes, while the rest are washerless types.


You can also distinguish between faucet types by the number of handles or levers that they come with. You have your single handle types and also two handle options. With these, your decision will hinge on what your sink can accommodate as well as your preference.


Some faucets are designed to feature a pull-out sprayer, which does exactly what it says. You can pull out the head so that you get versatility when it comes to washing hard-to-reach or hard-to-clean items while retaining powerful streams from the faucet.


There are also faucets that cater to those who are very particular about having hot water available from the tap. These insta-hot faucets come with a number of designs that usually let you easily toggle between cold and hot water. Some of these are meant to go with particular faucets or water systems.


Picking out your faucet
Ultimately, your choice of faucet will boil down to a number of factors. If your remodel involves reusing the old sink fixtures, then you need to consider the openings and size so that you can be sure that the new faucet fits and can be installed properly. As for the other factors, they are mostly decided by your preferences and your budget. What’s important is that you get a properly functioning faucet that comes with features consistent with how you intend to use it.


If it fits your budget, see if you can get a faucet made from high-grade materials. This way, you will have fixtures that won’t have to be replaced or repaired soon after you’ve installed them. You’ll find a variety of products that feature corrosion and scratch resistance.


No kitchen or bathroom remodel will be complete without considering a new set of faucets. With many types available on the market, it can be hard to decide on just one or two options right off the bat. Make sure you consider your requirements carefully so that you’ll end up with a faucet that’s perfect for your remodeled bathroom or kitchen sink.