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Water Lines

Indoor plumbing is one of the great inventions of the modern age. The ability to access water from inside your home is still relatively new in the big picture of history, yet we already take it for granted. However, you will suddenly realize just how much of a luxury indoor plumbing is when yours is no longer functioning – especially if you receive a high water bill! If there are problems with the old pipes and water lines that serve your home, call Atlantic Mechanical right away for a quick resolution. We have been serving customers throughout Baltimore, MD for years and we will be happy to bring our experience to your project.

As is the case with many things around your home, it is important to take care of water line problems as soon as they become an issue. So how do you know if the water line bringing water from the street to your home is failing? There are a few warning signs to keep an eye on. First, low water pressure should be an immediate cause for concern. Also, any discoloration in your water can indicate that your water line has been compromised. Other possible problems include water pooling up in your yard for no obvious reason, ground leaking, or a surprisingly large water bill. If you ignore these warning signs, you will run the risk of creating a major problem which will cost many thousands of dollars to fix.

You might think that a water line should function properly for the long run, but there are actually a few threats which can cause problems as the years go by. For one thing, tree roots can damage water lines if they are given the opportunity. Or, changes in the ground as a result of the freezing and thawing cycle that takes place during cold months may shift your line around enough to create a problem. Whatever the case, you need an experienced team of professionals on your side – and you can find just such a team here at Atlantic Mechanical.

For homeowners in the Baltimore, MD area, the choice is easy when plumbing problems pop up. Contact Atlantic Mechanical, and get the job done right the first time. We have all of the knowledge and experience needed, and we offer a friendly staff along with fair prices. Contact us today to solve any residential plumbing issue. Thanks for visiting!