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Replacing Toilets in Multi-Family Properties

These days, conserving water is not so much being able to limit the consumption of water but making sure that people are efficient when it comes to water usage. For residential and commercial properties, bathrooms are certainly at the top of the list when it comes to consumption, and toilets are among the biggest culprits.

If you're a property owner with a bunch of multi-family assets, then you should definitely consider replacing old toilets for newer and more efficient ones. Let's lay out some of the reasons why it's in your best interests to do so.

Flushing is the key

Old toilets require more water to get a proper flush done; newer designs are more efficient in that they require half the amount old toilets need. Some newer low-flow designs require even less water for a good flush. This kind of efficiency gets better the more people use the facilities, so newer toilets are perfect for residential properties intended for multiple families. This leads to big savings on the water bill, what with the gallons of incremental savings that add up over many units or houses in your property.

In addition, modern toilet system designs tend to be low maintenance. They're designed to be more durable so it'll be quite a long time before you will have to replace them again. What's more, the new designs are made more resistant to clogging issues, so occupants will be less likely to avail of plumbing services, which is usually at your expense.

The tenants will also be more likely to recommend your property because of this, and you know how powerful reviews and word of mouth can get. Having well-designed bathrooms can be a pretty big deal to some people, and having efficient (and new!) toilets can be a considerable factor in getting them to sign on the dotted line.

It's really a win-win for everyone involved. All of those benefits will be more than enough to offset the cost that replacing the toilets would entail. But wait, it gets even better—thanks to...

State support

Depending on the location, there may also be some government funding available to subsidize or even cover the cost of retrofitting apartments' toilet systems. That's because some states or cities are all for businesses going green, and this includes establishments that seek to conserve water as part of its initiatives.

These rebates and funding will surely go a long way. Don't hesitate to check with your city council in case there are opportunities for your business in this particular aspect.

As a developer or property owner, overhauling old toilet systems for modern, more efficient options not only helps you fulfill a responsibility to the environment—it also contributes to the financial aspect of the business. Thousands of gallons of water saved each year equates to thousands of dollars in cost savings for your managed multi-family complex.

Start checking if your properties need to have the toilets replaced. The sooner you can get this done, the sooner you will reap the benefits in terms of efficiency and savings.