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Frozen Pipes

Cold weather is one of the greatest threats to your residential plumbing system. When pipes freeze, the water inside those pipes will expand – and the possibility will exist for the pipe to crack, split, burst or break. As you already know, freezing temperatures are not rare in Maryland during the winter months, so the responsible homeowner will take measures to winterize and avoid frozen pipes and the damage they can cause. For help with any frozen pipe problems you may be facing, or to get ready for the coming winter season, please contact Atlantic Mechanical right away.

Of course, the best way to save yourself from damage related to frozen pipes is to prevent those pipes from freezing in the first place. While there is nothing you can do about the weather, you can prepare your home properly for the inevitable winter freeze. Insulating your pipes is a great place to start, and this step is often enough to keep the water flowing freely throughout your home. To make sure your Baltimore, MD area home has properly insulated pipes, please feel free to get in touch with Atlantic Mechanical to learn more about our services.

If you are in need of better protection on your pipes, there are advanced options like heat cables and heat tape. When applying such measures, it is important to work with an experienced team to make sure the work is done properly. Experience is exactly what you will get from Atlantic Mechanical. Our talented team will make sure your pipes are well-protected from the winter weather, and we will also check on your hose bibbs as well. These outdoor faucets are particularly at risk of freezing because of their proximity to the cold temperatures.

There is nothing pretty about a frozen pipe in your home. The repair for this problem can be expensive, as you may need to repair parts of the house itself, in addition to the pipe which has burst. Remember, the water in the pipe may be frozen when it breaks, but that water will thaw at some point and it could then begin to leak and then flow freely in all the wrong places. If, in the event you are going away from your home in the winter, don’t forget that you can call Atlantic Mechanical to help winterize your home!