Small Bathrooms – Get the Most Out Of Limited Space


Today’s bathrooms are generally much bigger than in the homes of yesteryear, but older homes may still have to make do with more cramped conditions. With a little creativity, though, even small bathrooms can be transformed into much more comfortable areas. Here are a few tips to get you thinking!

Use all the available spaces
Stand in the center of the room and look around. Are you making full use of areas like the corners? There are many fixtures and fittings that are designed to fit snugly into corners. These can dramatically ease the storage problems that you may be facing, while looking quite chic and stylish.

Simple can be more stylish
Consider repainting and redecorating the walls, floor and ceiling, to keep colors as simple and plain as possible. Bright colors and patterns tend to make the room look cluttered, and should be used minimally, if at all.

Big is not necessarily better
The trend to having large sinks, sometimes set into even larger surrounds, is often space wasted. In all honesty, one doesn’t need a mini bathtub to wash one’s face and brush one’s teeth over! There are many stylish smaller sink units available that will serve the purpose for small bathrooms just as well, without using a big chunk of your available wall space.

Choose a stylish but more compact faucet
The availability of modern compact faucets can ease the sink-top clutter dramatically. Consider one of the slender goose-neck type, single handle units to go with your redesigned sink unit.

Bathtubs come in a range of sizes and shapes
In many European countries, where space is at an absolute premium, bathtubs are often much smaller than here in the US.  Due to their compact size, small bathtubs are becoming more popular here too, as they can easily be used to turn a small, half-bath into a full bathroom. Small bathtubs also help free up space, and allow one to have a tub in conjunction with a shower in small bathrooms. For example, a five foot long tub, with a flat bottom, gives plenty room for a relaxing bath, as well as taking a standard wall mounted, shower unit.

Is your shower stall well designed?
You can create more convenience with the available space in a small bathroom, if you use a sliding shower door as these require no extra clearance space for opening.

Something that is rarely seen in this country
In the small bathrooms found in many Mediterranean and European countries, the shower head is located over an open floor with a drainage hole, so that the floor gets wet when one showers. Basically the whole bathroom is a shower, so you have plenty of wiggle space! If the room contains a toilet, it gets a good showering at the same time!

Mount your fixtures on the wall instead of the floor
Another space saving idea is to consider a wall mounted toilet. Although it might seems a bit precarious, these are actually perfectly strong if correctly  installed, and the floor area is again freed up giving the appearance of much more space.
Consider all also installing a wall mounted sink and save even more space.

If you are interested in any of these ideas or would look advice in regard to remodeling your small bathroom, call us anytime for a free estimate.
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