Leaky Faucets Lead to Leaky Bank Accounts


There can be times when people are too busy to fix small household issues such as leaking faucets. You put it off for days on end and before you know it, the problem has been there for quite a long time already. Not checking on the relatively small stuff can lead to bigger problems later on.


A good example of how leaks can give you a headache is when it leads to your water bill reaching all-time highs. Let’s check out some of these problems that a simple, oft-neglected leak could cause, shall we?


Ballooning water bills
A small leak here can seem pretty trivial, but those lost droplets of water add up over time. Unless you check the leak (or even get a sense that there is one), you won’t know just how much water you’re losing continually.


As an estimate, the USGS puts each drip off a leaky faucet at a fourth of a milliliter. Suppose one faucet drips once every minute, that adds up to 1,440 drips per day, and if you forego fixing the leak for a month, that adds up to 2.83 gallons wasted! Over a year, that figure goes up to 34 gallons. Just imagine if the dripping is more frequent, or if your home has multiple leaky faucets!


That’s a lot of water, and can easily get your water bill going way up. Nobody wants to pay for stuff they don’t use, and that water certainly is better conserved rather than just going straight to your sink or drainage system.


Complications caused by leaky faucets
Sometimes leaks can occur in places that are not in plain sight, or in parts of your home you can’t easily access to get that fix done. In such cases, the leak could lead to more troublesome damage to the surrounding parts later on. Mold can also develop in damp places, and if there are leaks and drips, you can be sure the surrounding section of your home will be quite damp indeed.


These incidents are going to cost you time, effort, and money to get fixed, so the best thing to do is to find that leak and make sure it won’t trouble you anymore. Fixing the leak is usually a fairly simple task to do, even with only basic knowledge and tools to work with. Sometimes, all it takes is to replace a worn-out part in the structure within the faucet assembly and the leak is gone. For more complicated issues, you can always call an experienced handyman in your area to get things done.


Do you already notice that your faucet is still dripping minutes after you’ve shut it off? Do you suspect that the assebly is leaking anywhere? If you don’t want your water bill to balloon to unprecedented heights, and ensure that your home is always in tip-top shape, make sure you fix any leaky faucets at the soonest possible chance.


This way, you’ll be able to save your hard-earned cash because you’re not paying for water that’s only getting thrown away—thanks to that nasty leaky faucet.